Every child is unique and we believe that it is important to capture moments in a child's life. We want to help you by personalizing & customizing a piece of pottery featuring your child's handprints and/or footprints. Each piece of pottery is a unique piece that captures a moment in time. 

Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them. - Bob Dylan

A keepsake to last a lifetime!​ 

Gifts for: 
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Other family member
  • Birthday
  • Christmas 
  • Teacher
  • Graduation
  • ...and so many more!

Why Pottery Prints? 



& Customized

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  1. Get the handprint and/or footprints.
  2. Take the piece(s) with us and design them.
  3. Get your piece(s) back within 4-6 weeks.